Why Spanking is Exciting


Spanking is exciting! Lots of people think of spanking as something they don’t want. It’s a punishment right? It is something that happens to us when we have done something wrong. It is not what many naturally think of as erotic, but it can be. In fact, there are more people than you would probably imagine who love the thought of being spanked.

Oh they may not all be interested in corporal punishment, but they are all turned on by either being spanked or spanking someone else. The second being mostly Mistresses, at least around here! *giggle*

But even when there are quite a few people who find something exciting, those who aren’t so sure still wonder what is the allure. Maybe you have thought about it, but can’t really imagine enjoying it.

Maybe you have been spanked when someone was upset with you and the thought of it happening in a way that excites you seems crazy. Or more likely, it does not seem crazy at all and you are here trying to figure out what you are so attracted to when it comes to spanking and being spanked.


Spanking is Exciting Because You Aren’t Supposed to Like It


First of all, it is the taboo. You know that many things, be it movies, music, written words that others consider taboo become hugely fascinating to the rest of society. There are whole shows devoted to talking about the naughty and taboo, the things we all wish we could do. Even if our wishes are buried down in some deep dark place, they are still there and we are excited by the thought of doing something or trying something that we aren’t supposed to want to do.

Not everyone can admit that they have a need to do something that is considered outside the norm by many, but when you can let yourself go enough to do that, you will find many things that excite you.

You are not supposed to be turned on by spanking. At least that’s what you tell yourself. You are not supposed to get hard at the thought of being bent over your Mistresses lap and paddled. But you do love the thought of that, don’t you? It’s okay, we won’t tell anyone. You are excited by it in many ways because it is considered something you should not do.

Anyone who spends their life following the rules, needs some place to let go and really try something that might be against those very rules, but isn’t really going to get them in too much trouble. Well unless you piss your Mistress off, then you might be in lots of trouble and spanking can be your punishment.


I Don’t Like Pain, But I Like Spanking


It is a common misconception that those who are turned on by the stinging in their buttocks from being spanked are also excited by pain. That is just not true. Not all spanking is what would be considered painful. Oh sure, it might sting a little or you might squeal when you feel that first slap with the hairbrush on your ass, but that’s not real pain.

You aren’t being turned on by the actual spank itself, but by everything it represents in your mind. Most spanking sessions are far more sensual than painful. The Mistress will tell you that you are being bad and spank you, with her hand or hair brush or even a special paddle, but she isn’t doing it to truly inflict pain on you. Instead she is playing the role of harsh Mistress who is going to spank you and punish you for doing something wrong. This doesn’t mean it will be incredibly painful, but rather that you will perceive the pain as something happening.

Sensual spankings can also be done in the heat of the moment. A few taps on the ass while you are doing a very good job pleasing your Mistress or girlfriend, can amp up the volume of your love making. Spanking is a way of flirting and teasing and often gets you as excited as the person being spanked. Our mistresses who love to spank love it, not because they are especially cruel (well for the most part – we have some mean ladies) but because it turns them on too.

The excitement of being able to spank, turns them on too. This is the more sensual form of spanking and is normally not done as hard as other types. There are many ways to spank, but regardless it is exciting and can be a huge turn on. So if you are thinking of trying it, do! What’s the worst that can happen?