Types of Spanking


There are many types of spanking- Cracks, whacks and smacks turn you on? The good news for spankophiles or spanking lovers like you is the turn-ons are limitless. Not only are there more types of spanking than just the old school open-hand smack on the ass, there are different spanking implements, intensities and scenes to satisfy every fantasy you can muster up in that horny little head of yours. So let’s get spanking.


Start With the Hand


Spanking enthusiasts are known as “spankos” or “spankophiles.” They refer to their play partners as tops or bottoms and their respective roles as spanker and spankee, meaning one gets an exhausted hand and the other a red butt.

Spanking is not only a physical stimulation, but also a mental one. The lines between types of spankings are often blurred. Picking the right spanking scene is like selecting the best dessert to finish the perfect meal: there are a truckload of cupcakes out there, but knowing when to choose the red velvet one or the vanilla one takes knowledge and understanding of what satisfies your sexual hunger.


Types of Spanking: Sensual and Erotic


Within the spanking community there are two broad category types of spanking: sensual/erotic spanking and disciplinary/corporal.

Sensual or erotic spanking is defined as “a consensual spanking of another person for the sexual gratification of either or both parties.” Sensual spanking is usually foreplay, where the spanking itself ends when the actual sex begins. The intensity of sensual spanking is light and teasing. Most sensual spankings sting and never escalate to harder intensities.

Erotic spanking may also begin with foreplay but continues during sex. It may begin as docilely as a sensual spanking scene, but heightens as the stimulation becomes more intense. The tone is intimate. Sexual touching is interspersed with spanking. For example, you and your girl decide it’s time to get down and get busy. Get into bed and begin foreplay. You play with her tits. She tugs your cock. You kiss. She gives you love spanks or your butt.

Your turn-on continues. You role her over, finger her pussy till it gets soaking wet. You cup your hand and spank her cunt lips until she begs for you to fuck her.

Erotic spanking may also include more intense spankings that sting or hurt. Escalating the intensity of the swat equals an escalation in sexual intensity. While some spanking enthusiasts distance themselves from the b/d, s/m fetish community and feel that sensual/erotic spankings do not include spankings that break skin or bruise, others do not. Labels like dom/sub and master/slave are much less common among spanking purists.


Corporal Spanking and The S/M and B/D Scene


First, spanking is a transfer of power, a total surrender that is the hallmark of the spankophile community. That concept, the transference of power, is why spanking is so readily embraced by members of the BDSM community. S/M and B/D spankings include elements of submission and punishment, as well as extreme pain and sometimes torture.

If being tied up and bound is of interest to you or begging, humiliation and pain are your turn-on, the S/M and B/D subset of the spankophile community could be for you. A typical scene might be a submissive being restrained, bound to a chair, his ass oiled and spanked by his master or dom, until it is bruised, red and throbbing. And this is a lightweight scenario. Make you hot?

Corporal Spanking is another more extreme form of spanking that gives pleasure to its participants as a direct result of the escalation of pain. A stinging swat is just foreplay here, it is the painful sessions of hard, extended spankings that the big turn on here and may also include role-play scenarios where a spankee is the one getting punished and the spankor the paddle-wielding punisher.


Etcetera: Flogging, Caning and Group Spank


Flogging, caning and group spank are some of the additional types of spanking. Flogging or flagellation is the repeated whipping or spanking of a person’s body using switches or a “cat-o-nine tails.”

Caning is the spanking, whipping and beating of a person’s body using a bamboo switch that is often wetted for increased pain. The group spank is where a spankee is put rotated through a group of spankors and paddled on the ass for sexual pleasure. For every horny appetite for a good spanking there is a specific outlet for one’s pleasure.


The End


Whatever your pleasure, after spank play don’t forget to soothe the spankee’s bottom with lotion or a healing oil like Vitamin E. This not only helps heal it also helps preserve the healthy texture of the skin.

This aftercare also provides a time for partners to relax together in an intimate fashion. If any implements or other toys were used during the spank play, clean them properly and put them away.

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