Spanking: Reward or Punishment?


For those over the age of fifty and for some under fifty as well, a spanking is what you got when you did something wrong or something you weren’t supposed to do. A spanking could be your mother’s hand slapping your blue-jeaned behind, or your dad’s belt on the back of your thigh. Even most boys vice principals got into the act by swatting their punk-ass students on the ass with a holed, splintery, board often the size of a boat oar!

But for guys forty or younger, chances are they never got spanked for doing anything bad at all—just for doing something good, something very good – like eating out a pussy, twisting her nipples or fucking a girlfriend till she orgasms over and over again! It’s was a different world, baby!


Spanking as a Punishment


From hand swats to those belt whips across the ass, for years spanking was as commonplace as a pimple on the face of an adolescent kid. Parents embraced it as a corporal punishment tool that immediately punished but didn’t permanently injure the person being reprimanded.


It isn’t all spank and forgive though. There continue to be what some consider uncivilized countries today that practice extreme forms of corporal spanking, like flogging and caning, as means of punishment that sometimes result in severe injury and even death.

So yes, spanking still is punishment. But in one of the many sexual realms, like the sadomasochistic (s/m) fetish community, spanking as punishment is a sexually arousing, sexually exciting practice. Something you might enjoy. Not sure? Try this:

With your girl as your dom, it’ s time to submit to her. It’ s time you treat and respect her right, starting with her feet. So get down on your knees and worship those feet. No you say? Ha! You sassy little asshole, bend over! Now!!Your dom needs to remind you who is in charge by swatting your ass with a paddle while you ask for forgiveness and beg for permission to clean her feet with your tongue. She spanks your ass, clips your balls and the base of your cock with the paddle, you bad little boy. Hopefully you will remember to treat her with respect next time-or will you?


Spanking as Reward


Horny guys think a good spanking on the ass feels good. The sting of a fleshy hand or a thick paddle gets most men ready to launch their cum into the first available cunt hole. There are several variations of spanking as a reward, beginning with the most obvious one —a hand swat on the ass while you’re cock pumping your girlfriend. She’s feeling so turned on, your cock feels so good inside her pussy hole that she rewards you by slapping your ass as you’re stuffing her!

Honestly, for a spanking fetishist, any spanking is a form of reward! From role-playing to prick tease, if spanking is a complete turn on for you the toys, tools, and possibilities are endless. Still don’t know where to start? Try this:

Role play time, dude. Your girl is the cop and you’re the delinquent. She cuffs you, tells you what a criminal you are, breaks it down for you that she’s not going to take you down to the station and book your ass just yet. She’s going to teach your loser butt a thing or two — literally. Right then, right there she takes off her belt, walks over and pulls down your trousers.

Next, she orders you to spread ’em and bend over. With your handcuffed hands down around your ankles and your bare butt pointing toward the ceiling, she swats your ass with the belt. The sting of the leather raises goosebumps on your butt flesh. You tighten your butt for the next one, but when the leather connects again, it only stings harder. Your cock boners-up. She double swats your ass, this time the leather leaves a mark.

Now she orders you to stroke your dick, pull it hard. She takes the belt, begins spanking your ass and smacking your balls while you masturbate. The harder your cock gets, the faster you tug on your thick dick. The more her swats sting your ball sac. It hurts so good, your cock is about to explode. She calls you a little loser sissy boy and spanks you till your squirt your cum juice all over the floor.

And the reward? She uncuffs you, has you wash your hands, clean up the cum, smiles and asks. “Ready to go again?”


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