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I would like to speak about spankings from my nurturing side. It's a side I don't often show, when I'm body slamming sissies and subs who test me. I believe that spanking your subs comes from a place of love. It's not just a form of discipline. It's a form of grounding. As a switch, a good spanking can thrill and adjust whatever attitude I had prior. As a Black Woman and Dominant, spanking you is what you need, even if you didn't know you need it.

Spankings offer an element of surprise, when one isn't expecting one. They are excellent for bratty subs - aside from ignoring them completely - because sometimes when your bratty sub is being bratty, they are simply saying "please beat my ass, Mistress. I need it." And depending on my mood I'm happy to comply. This next thing I have to say is for white male subs only.

If more white men got regular spankings, they might not be half as insufferable as they are. I'm not referring just to subs either. I think some of you so called alpha-males need a good over the knee paddling. Now before everyone gets upset with me for ruining their fantasy by talking about real life issues - STFU.

I want to spank you, and then when I'm done spanking you, and we're both flustered and hot and bothered, I will allow you to do something about that, that will help both of us. Discipline is part of nurturing. I like to envision a "hey honey, how was your day?" scene. One where you lock the door, strip, lay across my lap, and tell me all about the stressful board meeting, or the 4 hour surgery procedure, or the project deadline, or how you landed that sale you were lusting after with a difficult buyer. All while your bare bottom is exposed, and being administered stinging, shocking, painful strikes across those cheeks.

When you finish venting, and your ass is rosy, and I'm sitting on your face, you will think to yourself - life isn't so bad after all.

Reluctant spankings happen to be my favorite. You want it, but you are pretending you don't want it. Or.. you really don't want it, and I've decided you deserve it. I especially like spanking sissies, right before I impale them on my girl cock, or choke them with it. Do the words "make that ass rosy, for Duchess" make you tingle all over.

Oh.. you want to spank me? I've experienced this interesting phenomenon, where so called Doms think they can handle me, until it's time to actually handle me. I mentioned bratty subs before, yes? You're talking to someone who is in fact, the brattiest of subs. I like attention just like you do, and not doing what I'm told.

I wouldn't advise disobeying me, though. My mean streak isn't one you want to cross. If you're feeling froggy, you have my permission, to call me. Have a belt, a paddle, and anything else I can beat you with, ready when you call. And be naked, and on your knees. Ask for The Ebony Femdom, Duchess Willow.



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Are You Ready for a Spanking Phone Sex Session?

by Mistress Riley of


You may hear “spanking phone sex” and just think “bare hand on ass fun.” What I hear is something completely different; I hear a door opening to many different options.

Spanking is a form of impact play. It can be done with the bare nakedness of a hand or a variety of fun toys. I told you; spanking is an open door to several fun and exciting opportunities!


How Does Spanking Phone Sex Add To A Session


Let’s consider the benefits spanking brings to a phone sex session. With the distance between you and your mistress, there are senses that don’t always get stimulated. Though our brains are the most powerful sex organ we all possess, intensity can be added when we fuel these senses.

Even just the sound of a sharp SMACK against your skin can echo in your mind and send a shock through your body. Adding realism to your sensual experience, let’s consider another sense we can tease; touch. This one is really important-not just for you, the submissive-but for your mistress as well.

Personally, I think a sub who is willing to go above and beyond just the imagination by inflicting the sometimes harsh-but needed-spanking upon themselves is arousing! As a mistress, hearing the smack and the short breathless whimpers that follow, is hot. It lets me know the amount of power you are truly granting me, building a stronger foundation between submissive and mistress.

The touch doesn’t stop with just the spankings. After a round of a few smacks of your hand, you can feel the heat, and the raise of skin matching a hand print. Then, there’s the slight stinging sensation when you brush over it gently with your hand. Even in a spanking phone sex session, it adds a reminder of who owns you.


Spice Up Your Spankings


It’s fair to say a majority think “spanking” and picture being bent over receiving a bare-bottom spanking. Not that there’s anything wrong with the traditional spanking, but we can spice it up a bit. If you are in love with being bent over my knee, I can choose to make sure it’s a spanking you won’t easily forget.

Even with just my bare hand, making it a little wet with water will intensify the sting brought down in my firm swat again, and again, right on the fleshiest part of your ass on each cheek.

Break out the paddle! Yes, I even have a spanking paddle. I will say, it makes a pleasant sound, perfect for paddling the lower ass and upper thigh area. Even a few gentle smacks on your inner thigh will send the tingles all over.

Don’t have a paddle? No worries. The back of a hairbrush will do. Other items, such as: whips, floggers, and even a belt are often used but I do advise against using them on yourself. Those are best with a partner who can control the strikes as they can easily miss the targeted area with an untrained hand.


Exploring Other Areas


Spanking doesn’t just stay in the ass area these days. Although one who likes a firm spanking on the rump may not like a smack along their stomach; some do. It’s all about knowing how much power to apply to the blow. Luckily, your mistress knows. Another area to spank is your pectoral area, around the nipple region. Swatting with a ruler in quick blows does one hell of a job. Then, of course, if you are a lover of some CBT , it goes without saying that a few smacks to the groin area are a welcomed command from your mistress.

It should be clear why I love being a spanking phone sex mistress. There are so many options and so many ways to add a little spice to any role play scenario. I truly believe that spanking intensifies the connection between me and my submissive. So, if you have thought about giving it a try, I urge you to stop thinking about it, and take action. Get your mistress, and get your spanking!