Why I Love Being Spanked


I love being spanked! When I was younger, spanking wasn’t an option. I was raised in the “time out” generation, you know, the one where when I’d do something wrong like throw a tantrum or break a neighbor’s window, I’d be put in the living room as far away from the TV as possible and made to sit there silently for fifteen minutes with my hands folded on my lap. Boring as hell.

So it wasn’t until I was an adult that I was introduced to spanking. During a fuck-romp in the back of my van, the chick I was pumping got so hot she spanked my ass over and over, dug her nails in too. It was fucking hot!


Spanking: A Definition


So if you didn’t or don’t know what spanking is, here’s my almost official definition for you: spanking is the act of striking the ass of another person causing temporary pain without producing physical injury. There’s actually a word for sex spanking. It’s “spankophilia.”

Usually, one person, I’ll call that person “the spankor,” does the spanking using their open hand or something else, like a paddle, whip, belt, cane or even an old-school switch, while the other person, I’m calling that person “the spankee,” bends over and takes the swat on their butt.

Spanking was meant to be a form of punishment or at the very least a deterrent  to stay out of trouble. But what those cranky old nuns in religious school didn’t realize when they were swatting the bad boys back in the day, is that some of them would grow up to love spanking as a reward. Just like me.


I Love Spanking: Spanking is Sexual


The best thing about spanking for sexual pleasure is there really is a little-bit-of-something for everyone. From a hand crack on the ass, to the sting of a paddle hitting your butt cheek, spanking is a turn-on anyone can enjoy if they let themselves.

Since I love being spanked, I’ve obviously done a little research on the subject and I’d like to share it. I’m willing to bet that it will make you a red-assed, spanking-loving man like me too.


Hand Hanky-Spanky


The best place to start is the hand, so try this: tell your girl that you want her to grab your ass and spank you while you fuck her. It’s total physics, man; the more she spanks, the tighter your ass, the better it stings, the faster you’ll pump, the better the fuck. If she knows her science, she’ll be all in it.

Another way to go is to have your sexy bitch girlfriend spank your ass with her hand while she makes you masturbate. Have her stinging swats escalate as your cock-strokes get faster and harder. Have her cup her hand and double-swat your butt cheeks while you tug your ball sac. The sharp sting of a woman:s hand on your blistered ass feels insanely good and makes you rock hard, right? I know it does for me.


Paddle-Paddle. Who’s Got the Paddle?


Hands are great, but if you love getting spanked as much as I do, you’re going to start pissing off your girlfriend with all the spanking you’re asking her to do. Between broken nails, bruised palms and swollen fingers, she will quickly hate doing what you love most, so it’s time to save her hands and fingers and move on to the paddle.

Wood, plastic, solid or holed; paddles are a spank-lover’s best friend. Me, I dig the wood ones with the holes. I love the sting of the hickory wood blistering my ass as I stroke my dick. I love how the holes cut back on the air resistance so my girlfriend’s swat on my ass burns even more.

There are paddles with studs for a sweeter bruise and paddles with sandpaper to leave my cock rock hard and my ass red and scratched. Paddles will make you a spank-ass connoisseur and your girlfriend one happy, horny bitch!


I Love Spanking and Disciplined Spanking is My Personal Favorite


Disciplined spanking does it for me, man. Seriously. I love when a corset wearing dom catches me playing with my dick and has to punish me. I have to hold back my load when she tells me what I bad boy I’ve been by stroking my tiny little dick. My balls ache when she bends me over, wets her leather paddle and swats me so hard welts spring up on my ass and my come shoots against the wall.


I Love Spanking, and There’s More!


The world of spankophilia is a huge one, like the size of your dick when a sexy bitch is paddling your ass. You can try roleplay spanking. You can use a spanking chair or board.

Your ass can enjoy a belt, whips or cane. For horny spank-lovers like you and me, the butt stinging possibilities are limitless!


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