Why I Enjoy Spanking Submissives


I enjoy spanking submissives and do it quite often. Hold still when I spank you. That is one of my steadfast rules for my slaves. They know that there are punishments worse than a sensual or even slightly harsh spanking session and do not want to have those used on them.

Therefore, they follow my rules. These are for their own well-being and for my peace of mind, since getting upset only causes me to not enjoy our sessions. Moreover, if Mistress is not enjoying herself, submissive will not enjoy himself either.

Over all I truly enjoy all my duties as a Mistress. They excite me and allow my creative and other juices to really flow. When I am coming up with a new way to play with my slaves, I am always ready to try new things and come up with new things for them to try.

The problem comes when they start complaining or not following the very simple rules, I mentioned having. However, by far my favorite thing to do with or to my submissives is to spank them. That is most enjoyable and though I cannot say exactly why, I do have a theory.


Why I Enjoy Spanking Submissives: How It Began


It all started when I first became a Mistress. Being new, I was determined to be very good at what I was doing and often practiced on male friends who were into the kinky naughty stuff. Some boyfriends even got in on it and we would play lots of tying games, some even enjoyed my skill with a strap on.

Then, as I branched out to more and more slaves and submissives, I began to explore other things. One submissive who contacted me was very turned on by corporal punishment. I had never thought of this as something erotic, but once I delved deeper into the BDSM scene, I realized that many men and women are excited by the thought of being punished in the most well known way – by being spanked.

The more I thought about it, the more exciting it sounded and by the time I had my first spanking session, I was eager to try it. The session didn’t let me down! It was a great boost of intoxicating power, knowing I was in such complete control. Bending him over my knee and paddling him with first my bare hand then a wooden hairbrush, had me as wet and excited as his throbbing cock.

Soon, I was spanking while he stroked and we were both incredibly excited and fully enjoyed the session. After that, I had many more sensual spanking sessions, but being an adventurous Mistress, I soon longed for more from the spanking than just sexual gratification. To be quite honest, I was tired of letting every submissive who wanted to be spanked have an orgasm. It is just not in my nature to make them that happy all the time.


Controlling the Session


So, I started thinking about what it was I was truly enjoying about the sessions and of course, it was the sense of power I got from knowing this submissive was mine completely. He was in a very compromising position and truly at my mercy. This was what excited me and thus I set out to find ways to make the situation even more compromising.

Bending slaves over tables or sawhorses, spanking benches even and locking their wrists and ankles in place, took the sessions to a completely new level. However, I have to tell you that I prefer to make my rules about holding still and punish them when they don’t, rather than locking them in place. It is not difficult after all to be good, if you have no choice. I like to know my submissives are truly submitting to my will and not just the straps I lock them up with to keep them where I want them.

Humiliation sessions with other Mistresses watching or the submissive begging for punishment in front of others followed. All this exciting me even further. After all, it is thrilling to watch a submissive beg in front of his wife for his Mistress to please make him take off his pants and bend over for a spanking, emasculating even.

What Mistress doesn’t enjoy that moment? *laugh* So, all in all, why I enjoy spanking my submissive men is because it excites me too. The ultimate power to cause pain or pleasure, to have them in a position that they would never normally choose thrills me and tweaks that slightly cruel part of my nature, which revels in the complete control of others.