Why I Enjoy Spanking Submissives


I really enjoy spanking submissives. Guys tell me I’m a sexy bitch. The truth is, I am. My legs are long and lean. I love my fishnets. I love my heels. I shave my bush, smell like an intoxicating bouquet and wear low cut tops to show-off my real “c” cup breasts. Guys turn me on. But nothing, I mean nothing turns me on more than spanking my submissives.


Never Been Spanked?


You say you’ve never been spanked? Bullshit. I bet you were spanked all the time when you were young, like when you broke a window, or stole a porno mag to beat off to in you were discovered.

So you remember kind of know what it feels like, right? But what I guarantee you don’t know, is what it feels like to pull down your pants and have your ass spanked by a sexy bitch like me. One night, one paddle and you’ll be mine.


I Enjoy Spanking Submissives!


There is nothing more enjoyable than feeling the splinter of a fine wood stinging your ass. That is why my submissives come to me, why men of all shapes, bank accounts and sizes beg me to spank them, smack them, cane them and swat their butts with a hairbrush.

If you’re a man and you’re horny, you deserve to be spanked, you nasty, nasty boy. You deserved to have your ass made raw and blistery by boar bristled hairbrush. You need a sexy bitch of a woman like me with a strong hand and even stronger paddle to punish you right, to spank that horny cum right out of you, you disgusting horny boy!

So stand at attention, drop those pants, bend over and show me your ass!


Enjoy the Pain of My Cane


Bad boys need to be punished. They need to remember whom they are here to serve and that is—a sexy bitch like me. You know you want to fuck me. You know you want to cock pump my wet pussy. But you can’t. You don’t deserve to, cause you’ve been a very bad boy.

I have a cane for you. A thick, wet, rattan cane that I’m going to tickle your balls with. I’m going to run the cane up and down your back down to the crack of your ass. You know it feels good, in fact you can’t believe how good the wet wood feels on your skin. But you know you’ve been bad. You know you don’t deserve to have a nice, wet rod tickling your ball sac. You know you should be spanked! And I’m here to do it, you pathetic little submissive!

Crack! Feel the sting of the cane on your ass cheek. Crack-crack! Feel the thick of the wood stinging your balls, ass, and the back of your legs at the same time, your horny bad boy! I see the spanking makes your cock even harder. You don’t have permission to get hard, you pathetic little brat! So I crack your ass with the cane again and again. You like that, huh? You know you do. Beg me, you wimpy dick. Beg me to spank you more!


Spanking Submissives: Below the Belt


I have a belt you bad boy. A thick, wide, hard, black belt with holes that I am going to swat you with. But not on your ass, you pathetic little cocksucker, I’m going to swat you on your dick and balls. I’m going to spank your tiny little prick until it gets hard. And then I’m not going to let you shoot that creamy white load cause you don’t deserve to you. The only thing you deserve are blue balls!

Stand up at attention. Drop your pants and grab your cock. Start stroking. Get that pathetic little dick as hard as you can. Your legs are shaking, your butt is getting tight, I know your pathetic little ass is about to come, so I reach up and paddle your balls, juts a little bit, just enough to shock you. I demand you start stroking your cock again.

I paddle your balls and the base of your dick again, it stings, you shake, but your hard gets even bigger. I order you to bend over, spread your legs and keep stroking. Stroke it harder you wimpy cocksucker! Then I paddle your ass, and balls over and over and you fall to the floor, your cock sticking straight up. Go take a cold shower, you horny bad boy! NOW!

I love spanking submissives who are bad boys because there is nothing better than a raw ass, a red ball sac and a stiff prick from a good swat!


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