What is Impact Play?


You’ve heard about it and you think it seems pretty obvious what it is, but you aren’t completely sure. After all the word Impact, meaning to strike or run into or even bump and the word Play don’t really seem to go together. We usually hear Impact when thinking of something like a car accident or a plane crash, but in BDSM it means nothing so extreme as that, though it is certainly the SM (Sadism and Masochism) part.

The great thing is, that you already know about Impact Play, but just don’t know it. You’ve heard it called “erotic spanking”, “erotic flagellation”, or even “corporeal punishment”. These are all aspects of Impact play and while there are a few others, these are the three that are most known and most often used. Basically this is when a Dominant partner strikes the submissive partner with their hand or with a variety of spanking type implements, repeatedly.


Impact Play: Deep Tissue Pain


First there is Corporeal Punishment which admittedly sounds far more official than it is. Though for some the mere sound of the words corporeal punishment are a huge turn on. It makes the play sound less like play and more like well, punishment. The difference in just spanking and corporeal punishment is the level of pain sustained. This is for those who truly want to feel the moment for days afterward.

The intent of this kind of Impact Play is to cause deep tissue bruising. Not a surface mark, but instead and as well as, one that is deep and painful, leaving an aching, sore to the touch, spot for days afterward. Care must be taken to not cause permanent damage as this can be anything from punching and kicking to flogging and caning. All described as an erotic punishment, this edge play should be done only with a Mistress who knows what she doing and isn’t going to harm you in a way that won’t heal.


The Lighter Impact


Erotic Spanking is a less harmful and more often used type of Impact Play. Many are turned on by the use of spanking incorporated into the sexual act. This leaves redness and some light bruising at times but is for the most part considered the less punishing part of play. A Mistress will frequently have you lay across her lap of bend over something, or get on your hands on knees to spank you.

It’s appealing to the submissive in the fact that it takes the power completely from their hands and punishes them in a way that allows them to enjoy whatever fetish they may have without guilt. Some prefer paddles, either wooden or leather to spank with. In any case, spanking is done with an instrument that is unbending. Whether it is a paddle or a riding crop or even a cane, though not struck as hard as with corporeal punishment, it is done mostly on the thighs or the ass of the submissive.


Bullwhips and Cat O’ Nine Tails


When it comes to Erotic Flagellation the Mistress needs to be even more careful to strike the submissive in the correct place. As flagellation is normally done with a pliable and often times very moveable and bendable instrument the strike has to be very specific. Otherwise, as in the case of a whip (which is a typical implement in erotic flagellation impact play) the initial strike while across the back or shoulders can be very erotic, if not handled properly it can then wrap around the waist, chest or neck of a submissive which is then no longer erotic but instead just painful and uncomfortable.

Thus it requires a Mistress who is very skilled in erotic flagellation to do it properly. This is normally done with belts, bullwhips, cat o’ nine tails and various other whips and cords. The safest areas are the more fatty and muscular areas of the body like the back and buttocks, thighs and calves are okay if done carefully, same with the chest and breasts, it’s possible but should be done carefully.

Overall Impact Play is not for those who are just looking for simple fun. It leans much more toward the extreme side of BDSM and is very often referred to as on the edges of BDSM play. Anyone interested can play though, we just recommend you start out slowly and work you way up to true deep tissue Impact Play.

And always, always make sure your Mistress (or Master, but we’re much hotter) is skilled and knowledgeable in the type of Impact Play you are engaging in,and that you keep the lines of communication open, so it stays erotic and naughty.