What is Corporal Punishment?


Go back to a day and time when children that misbehaved were punished by switching their behinds with a birch branch. This “ parental duty” is one of many forms of corporal punishment.

From caning to flogging, rulers to belts, corporal punishment has been around people everywhere decided to do “wrong” things. But today, many folks find erotic pleasure in the very experience that sent them crying and running to their rooms as kids.


Corporal Punishment: A Definition


Corporal punishment is defined as a physical punishment, which deliberately inflicts pain as retribution, reform or deterrent for a transgression or offence. Simply said, you do something bad, your ass gets smacked. Right?


From Bad to Good


What many adults are now discovering is that sexual pleasure can be had from the corporal style spankings they dreaded so long ago. Sexual corporal punishment is a sub-community within the spankophile world made up of people who are sexually aroused by the pain that comes from a good spanking.


Some get turned-on by the sting, the welts, and the hurt. Others enjoy setting up a complete role-play scenario, where there is an act of disobedience and a corporal punishment. Whatever one’s desire, the arena of corporal punishment is an adventurous and open one. So, if you are ready to get what you deserve, here are some ways corporal punishment takes your sexual pleasure to painful new heights:


Spank Me Blue


If you are looking for straight-up pain and pleasure, a hot night of hand and paddle swats might be the cum-launching thing for you. First, set up. You’ll need lubricant, latex gloves and chair, and of course, a paddle. Remember, paddles with holes are designed for less resistance and more swat, so you may want to start with a solid paddle. But if that ass is “rearing” to go, then get one of those holed, wooden paddles with studs on one side.

Start by standing. Have your partner begin with short swats to your ass, with pause in between. These sting, not hurt, just to get your blood going. Continue this for a minute or two. You want to get on to more painful things.

Your partner orders you to stroke your cock. As you do, have her swats intensify. She smacks harder on your ass cheeks, moving position as she goes, clipping your thigh, clipping your balls. The pain intensifies with each swat and position, pain that feels good, gets your cock harder with every spank.

Move on to the paddle. Paddling is different. It combines the pain of what’s to come along with the actual swat – a sexual mega turn-on. Bend over. Grab your ankles, put your ass up in the air. Smooth side down, have her pat your ass with quick stinging swats. Your dick gets hard in anticipation of what’s to come. You know the real pain is coming; it scares you and gets you super-excited at the same time.

She slides the paddle between your ass cheeks, and jiggles your balls and then—whack! The full force of the studded side of the paddle hits the lower part of your ass, marking it. She swats again, raising a welt. You want to cum, she yells to hold it back.

She rapid-fires a succession of paddle swats covering every inch of your butt. The pain tears your eyes, sending your cock-cum rocketing to the floor. The next day when your ass is red and bruised, you can barely sit, you spring a hard on thinking of the spanks.


Escalating Intensity


Some corporal enthusiasts prefer escalating intensity, and incorporating role-play into their scenes. If you are interested in exploring, try this:

You are a criminal. Your partner: a rogue cop. The bedroom is her interrogation palace. She makes you stand, strip. She doesn’t give a hoot about your rights, calls you scum of the Earth. She handcuffs you to the chair, tells you lift your legs, hold them out. Then she paddles the sole of your foot. You scream in pain, drop your legs. She orders them back up. She paddles them again, laughs as your legs shake. It agonizes you, turns you on at the same time.

She barks at you to stand up like a man, turn around. She calls you a sissy boy criminal, then orders you to masturbate, then paddles your hand and balls as you do. The pain is so intense, feels so good, you shoot your cum. That pisses her off even more. She bends you over and pounds a flurry of spanks all over your ass, till it’s welted, red and bruised. You collapse to the floor in a painful ecstasy.

There are many more corporal punishment scenarios, many that get much more intense. The deliciously painful and sexually explosive choices are up to you.


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