What is a Spanking Fetish?


If the hard smack of a woman’ s hand on your ass gives you an instant hard on, you may have a spanking fetish.


Erotic Spanking and Fetish

Erotic spanking is the act of striking the butt or other body part of another person causing pain without producing physical injury for sexual gratification. It’ s also known as “spankophilia.” A spanking fetish is the sexual arousal a person receives as a result of getting spanked or spanking someone else.


So What Do I Do With It?


Discovery and recognition of a sexual fetish is the first step into a world of pleasure. Spanking fetish is no different. The cool thing is the variety of ways spanking can be enjoyed. So? Why not?


Basic Hand Spanking


It’ s not the same little butt slap you got when you were young and in trouble, it’ s a full-on hand smack on the ass that gets your cock stiff and how you love it! Or maybe you like to do the spanking. You like the feel of your hand spanking a woman’s cheeky ass. Either way basic hand spanking is for you.

Hand spanks can be open handed, cupped, flat handed and sometimes backhanded. If you want to get spanked, enlist the talents of a sexy-slut to do it. Drop your pants and bend over. Start out by having her squeeze your cheeks and pinch your ass with her fingers. Those first quick swats will get your blood pumping and your cock throbbing. She cups her hand, spanks you again, this time catching your ball sac. Your cock gets hard. Stroke yourself. Spread your legs. Her swats get faster. Your ass tightens the harder she stings you. Beat your dick, feel the sting! And blow your load, man, blow!


Paddles, Belts, Brushes, Canes, Rulers and Spanking Skirts


Now, here comes the variety of spanking implements. Paddles, belts, hairbrushes, rulers and canes are all used to enhance and intensify the experience for a fetishist. Hand may be hurt or fingers broken, so why not use while spanking tools like paddles, belts, etc. The implement you choose to use is a matter of pleasure, pain and preference. Paddles vary in size, texture, and if they have holes or not. Belts too. Hairbrushes vary in size and bristles. Canes are principally made of rattan and vary in length and thickness.

A technique that many fetishists’ enjoy is lovingly called “ping balls.” You’ll need string, lube and a paddle. Have your lady bind your balls together, not too tight, so they hang by your ass cheeks. Then have her get whacking! As she smacks that paddle against your ass, she’ll hit your balls too. The piercing sting will rock your world, like nothing you’ve ever felt before;pain and pleasure at the same time. Have her start slowly, intermittent whacks, then she should methodically increase the frequency and intensity of her spankings. By the time you cum, your knees will ache, your ass and balls will be red, but you’ll be ready for moreV

If you give spankings as well as get it, an easy access toy for spanking use is your sexy lady’s hairbrush. Many fetishists dig them because of the texture and scratch the bristles add to the sting. So lay your lady down on the bed and get busy. Have her raise her ass high. Then slap her cheeks with the back end of the brush, without the bristle, in a stinging tease. Softly spank her more, then more, until you can see her pussy glisten, wanting more. Brush her ass raw with the bristles then swat her with the bristle side down as well. You scratch, swat and sting her to a dripping climax:

Spanking skirts are just that, usually garments made of leather, latex, or rubber that have the back cut out for easy access to that ass.


Spanking Benches, Chairs and “Horses”


Besides toys for the actual spankings, there are pieces of furniture designed for spanking fetishists to make their whacking, slapping sexual adventure even better.

Spanking benches and “horse” are pretty much the same thing. They are similarly shaped, like sawhorse style, with a straight area on top and two angled support legs. They are made of metal or wood, some with restraints, others without. They are meant to hold the person getting spanked in position and allow for freedom of access for the person doing the spanking.

Spanking chairs are usually converted pieces of furniture that allow for the person being spanked to position them self in a bend-over fashion. Their material make-up and design vary greatly.

The spanking fetishist community is one that thrives in its diversity and practices. From basic hand slaps to a rigorous caning tied to a sawhorse, it is a welcoming world waiting to whack you into the best orgasm you’ve ever had!


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