Spanking Implements


The world of “spankophilia” or sexual spanking is a pleasurable one and there are many spanking implements that can be used. Spanking has turned people on since the beginning of time. In fact, cavemen even had their wives swat them with wooden clubs for a little sexual foreplay.


Spanking: The Definition


Spanking is swatting or striking the butt of another causing pain without physical injury. Slapping someone’s ass with a hand is the type of spanking virtually everyone on the planet is familiar with. What you or others may not know, are just how many other spanking implements there are besides fleshy palms and bony fingers.


Spanking Implements: Belts


Some unruly guys may have already experienced this one as a kid. The strip of leather used to hold up your dad’s pants is the very thing he used to crack you on the ass to teach you a lesson too.

Now as an adult, you can turn those bad boy spanking memories into orgasmic spanking memories. Belts are sexy just in themselves. Rich pieces of leather, belts can be stiff or soft, wide or narrow. They have holes or are covered with studs. Choosing which belt to be spanked with can be as much of a turn on as getting spanked by them. What kind of belt do you like? What would you like to have done to you with it? DonÕt know? Try this:


Pick up a two-sided belt with holes, leather on one side; suede on the other. Now it’s time for some roleplay. Get your girl to wear glasses and the tightest dress possible. Have her sit you in a chair, hands folded on your lap.

You’re that bad boy in trouble again and she’s the badass teacher you always wanted to fuck. She scolds you, tells you how terrible you were to set the trash on fire in the girl’s bathroom. You stand; drop your pants. She orders you to bend over and get punishment. She cups your ass. Your cock springs a boner, ready for spanking.

She swats you once in a mildly stinging tease. The sound of leather slapping your ass turns you on more. “You’re bad,” she says, swatting you harder, “very, very bad.” She spanks you again. The stinging escalates. It hurts so good, your cum spews on the floor.




Think ping-pong, but better. Paddles can be palm size boards of pleasure. Or they can be oar-length planks filled with holes to eliminate air resistance so every swat stings like it should. Paddles are sometimes padded for those wanting a gentler experience, or studded for those turned on by the pinch, pain and punch of metal bumps slapping bare-ass skin. There are as many paddles as there are scenarios for using them. If you don’t have one of your own, try this:

Ladies first, so hand over that stud/suede paddle to your girl. Both of you only wear underwear. Take yours off, wet them, put ’em back on so they slick your ass.

Grip the back of a chair and bend over. Have your girl spank you multiple times with the studded side of the paddle. It hurts so good!Your legs shake, your dick engorges! She smacks you until you are close to cumming, then stops. Now it’s her turn. Wet her panties and have her put them back on. Slip her thong against her clit. Bend her over, have her touch her clit while you spank her. With every swat she’ll stimulate herself. Your cock throbs as you watch her ass getting red and her pussy soaked. Spank her until she’s ready to squirt pussy juice, then stop.

Send her home. Go to bed. No sex for twenty-four hours. You’ll be hyper excited and ready to cum by the time you start again the next day. When you finally do cum, it’s amazing!




Historically, caning is known as a disciplinary form of swatting, so if corporal spanking is your thing, canes are the ultimate! Most caning switches are made of rattan, their swats known as “strokes” or “cuts.” Soaking a cane makes it a heavier, harder pleasurable toy. Canes are also used for foot spanking.

If you don’t have a caning scenario in your head, try this: You’re a sex slave and your girl is the master in charge. Soak a cane in water. Have her spread your legs, put you face down on the bed, legs and arms bound so you can’t move. Then let her play. Let her punish you with quick spanks and swats across your ass, inside your thighs, on the soles of your feet, everything within reach of her stinging cane until you explode cum on the sheets.

Belts, canes, paddles and other spank implements are wonderful sex-toys for every bare-ass man looking for a good swat. So stick out that butt, I’ll get the spanking implements and let’s get cracking!


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