Spanked By Phone Brought To You By LDW Group
2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


Toll Free Number: 800-356-6169

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Well, Well, Well. What do we have here???

A naughty misbehaving boy, who needs to be taught a lesson! Have we not been through this? Over and over? I gave you so MANY chances to correct your behavior, and did you? No. You DID NOT.

Maybe you thought you were going to get a way with your wicked ways. Maybe you hoped I would not catch you, because you were oh so sly and careful.

You have underestimated ME and overestimated YOURSELF.


Many types of spanking punishments, implements and positions will be used to keep you in your place.

Over the knee spanking, in front of an audience! Sensual to Severe, and we shall see which one will fit you the most, to achieve maximum obedience.

I will start by using my hand upon your bare bottom, graduating to a brush, a spoon, and even a belt. The spanking will escalate as you cry and beg in vain to be forgiven.

You plead with me to stop, oh but I feel your erection on my thighs!!!

So the spanking will go on till I force you to climax!

I will have you know that sometimes, just to make sure you understand how serious I am, I will invite a few of my stunning girlfriends so they can watch your spanking.

How humiliating will it be??? Well, it's all for your own good!!!

Restrained whippings are also available in my dungeon for slaves and submissives who truly need to endure critical discipline, corrections and training.

Whilst being spanked, you might very well be forced to wear some pink panties and an anal plug to add to your humiliaton. Why, did you think you would just breeze through this?

I assure you, YOU WILL MOST CERTAINLY NOT breeze through this.

Many implements will be used for corrective spankings, and maintenance spankings; even obedient slaves need a strict scheduled maintenance spanking to make absolutely sure they know their place and remain within compliance.

I need you to understand that your very sore bottom will not be the only part of your body punished by spanking. Your balls and cock might also be subjected to a similar method of discipline, as I see fit.

I tend to be on the Strict side of Femdom and can be very unforgiving of any infringements on instructional living for my pets and slaves. Submissives tend to know there WILL be consequences for disobedience, insolence or displeasure they cause Goddess and Strict Mistress Alina Sky. Your bottom will feel sore for days and days. Regular Spankings is sometimes done just to make sure your behavior remains exemplary.

My special punishment dungeon is well equipped to handle all disciplinary needs, so remain obedient or ELSE!!!

And, lastly, If you are a good little slave, submissive or pet, that loves being spanked playfully, erotic spanking can be on the menu at any time! Nothing cuter than a reddish pink bottom raised in the air whilst being spanked to enhance arousal!

I am Mistress Alina Sky

Welcome to the Alina Sky Spanked By Phone Experience.