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When was the first time you spanked a man?
In my mid-20s, I was dating an Englishman who had a few favorite kinks, and spanking was one of them. I'd get him on all fours on the bed and start with my hand and then use whatever looked good nearby, from a hairbrush to a rolled-up magazine. Until he came home from a business trip to South America with a nice leather paddle, that is.

What's your favorite thing to spank with?
THE BELT. I get a delicious tingle from the solid, snapping lash of leather biting into the tender flesh of your bottom, especially when it's met with some form of grunt, sob, or best of all, "please Mistress, may I have another?"

What do you like about spanking?
I like watching the red welt of my hand print or stripe from the belt blossom on your pale ass.

Do you like to be spanked, Mistress?
No, I don't. Anything beyond a playful smack on my bottom is not welcome. Yes, I've experimented with it but I'm definitely *not* a bottom bottom for spanking!

Why do I deserve a spanking??
Because you're a man, and that means you are not particularly good at keeping your thoughts and actions clean. You watch porn whenever you can get away with it; you sneak furtive looks at women's breasts, legs and asses in public; you masturbate far too frequently; you fantasize inappropriately. I don't even know you yet and I'll bet you're guilty of at least three of those!

What else do you spank?
Cocks and balls, of course - they probably deserve a good whipping even more than your ass!