Spanked By Phone Brought To You By LDW Group
2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


Toll Free Number: 800-356-6169

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Anything that has to do with your ass, interests me. Especially when it comes to impact play, specifically... spankings, and leaving a rosy red hand print on both your ass cheeks. It gives me a full body shiver, when I think about your naked body, draped across my lap. Running my bare hand up over the back of your legs, and teasing you by lightly gliding my fingertips across your skin. Your body flinches in a most orgasmic way, when you feel your mistress's touch, laying face down against those warm, silky thighs, doesn't it? I smile and bite my lower lip, when I hear your breath catch in your throat, because you know what's about to happen, you just don't know when.

Spanking is the most sensual form of sensory deprivation, in a way. Simply because you are staring at the floor, and you can't see what your mistress is doing, and you don't know when that first stinging slap of skin against skin is going to occur, nor do you know how hard, or fast she will spank you. Spanking is also a form of foreplay, being that some of your most sensitive erogenous zones are so close to your ass. When the sensation of having your ass smacked courses through your body, you cannot help but become aroused, and for me, that's what spanking and impact play is all about.

Oh, I enjoy receiving spankings, just as much as I like giving them out. But I'm not going to lie, spanking a submissive over my knee titillates me like nothing else. And it's a very personal, intimate exchange, when you give up your control, and surrender to your mistress, via an over the knee spanking session. So, are you ready to make that ass rosy, for Mistress Brighton?