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2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


Toll Free Number: 800-356-6169

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When most people think about being spanked, they imagine a stern, older woman taking control. But have you ever been spanked by a princess like me?

It???s an experience you won???t forget. Most people assume that because I???m cute and fun I am very passive and demure. That couldn???t be farther from the truth. I like watching your expression as my hand hits your bare ass. Sometimes you flinch, sometimes you bite your lip and sometimes you let out a moan. All are equally entertaining for me. It doesn???t matter whether you like spanking because it???s an erotic experience or because you feel the need to be punished. I like to spank you regardless.

I have several techniques that I like to use.

First, I love it when you are bent over my knee. Can you imagine, a big guy like you having to lie across the lap of little young me to get spanked? That adds a little layer of humiliation doesn???t it? And I like switching things up. I may start with my hand but I guarantee you that my paddle will make an appearance. And the wooden spoon..... And the flogger.....Oh and my studded gloves? Those too.

Every swat will bring you pain and pleasure and you won???t know what is coming next. The anticipation is just as good as the actual hit. And that???s why I love spanking guys like you. Because watching big, tough men flinch under my control makes me hot.