She Spanks Me and it Turns Me On


I love when she spanks me! Her voice was soft and gentle as she leaned close to my ear asking if I’d heard her last instruction. I nodded slowly, not wanting to admit it, but knowing that lying would only get me into more trouble. Her quick intake of breath told me that she was pleased to find I hadn’t misunderstood, or not heard, but instead had willfully disobeyed her. That was one of her favorite things to accuse me of, willfully disobeying her.

Choosing not to do what my Mistress had instructed me to do. Not because I couldn’t, but because I was deciding to do something else or do nothing instead. This amused her at first. She called me “the rebel” and would spank me lightly, reminding me who was in charge. That was until she realized I enjoyed the spankings. Then she stopped and informed me that it was my punishment and if I was going to enjoy it than she was going to have to punish me more severely so at the very least she was enjoying it as well. Thus our game began.


I Needed A Mistress


When we first met, I had come to her for slave training. It had been awhile since I had found a Mistress to control me. After getting married, I stopped visiting the woman I had seen for years and started trying to just go it cold turkey so to speak. However, thoughts of being controlled and treated like a slave started creeping into my head at all times of the day and night. Having a woman standing over me in leather boots seemed like the most perfect dream and I went out and bought a pair for my wife along with some panties and a riding crop. In hindsight, this was not probably my very best idea. In fact, it might have been a really bad one.

I’d casually mentioned to her at one point that I was interested in her taking the lead a bit in bed sometimes. She had agreed and our few short times of play, seemed to actually enjoy it. Pushing me down on the bed and straddling me while screaming at me to fuck her! I even convinced her to slap my ass a few times when I was on top. But that was it. I guess I thought if she had the boots and things she would feel inspired to give it a try.

I was wrong. Instead she picked them up, looking at me strangely and asked, what the hell these things were for. I laughed then realized she wasn’t laughing with me and shrugged suggesting that she might want to play some games in bed. She told me, with no room for doubt, that she was NOT going to use those things and certainly not wear them. I resigned myself to never having a sex life that was truly satisfying again.

Until I came upon my newest Mistress. A friend of her’s (actually a female submissive) was dancing at a club I went into one night and when I saw her sitting there, icy blue eyes and pale blonde hair, watching. I knew she was the one. Those thigh high black leather boots were the kicker so to speak and I walked over and introduced myself. Oh not to her, to the girl she was there to watch. I was too nervous to talk to her directly.


She Spanks Me: Meeting the Woman Who Changed My Life


She set up the meeting and that was how it began. I was there to be a slave until my true desires came out. I love to be spanked. It turns me on, excites me like nothing else, especially if a beautiful woman is the one doing the spanking. At first I disobeyed on accident, I thought she said one thing and she said another, that was when she first spanked me. I was excited by it though and she knew it. I just get so excited when she spanks me!

So, as I mentioned earlier, she decided that I was going to need to be punished in a more intense way. She brought in the riding crop not long after that. I had dreamed of this again and again and was so excited I nearly came just thinking about her spanking me with it. She made me wait, then made me beg for it. Instructing me to bend over the wooden bench in her dungeon and swiftly spanking my bare ass cheeks with the riding crop.

I know I came immediately that first time and have always done the same each time afterwards. So now, when she says I’m being willfully disobedient. I am because I love when she spanks me!