Lectures For A Punishment Spanking


Know first off that a punishment spanking is not for pleasure, it’s for correcting your bad behavior. I could just take you over my knee, or tie you down to my spanking bench and turn that pale white ass a nice shade of red in silence, but what fun would that be?


Lecturing During Your Punishment Spanking Serves A Few Purposes


First, it lets you know what behavior your Mistress finds unacceptable and needs to change. A simple, bare statement of the facts, “you’re going to be put over my knee and I am going to give you the strict spanking you deserve,” often isn’t enough sometimes.


I Ask My Spanking Pet Very Pointed Questions


Like, questions about their conduct. I like to give them a chance to admit to what they’ve done to displease me, kind of giving them a chance to come clean, as it were. Oh, it’s not going to reduce the punishment, but at least they’re being honest with me! Some of them will feign ignorance, as I ask, “did you think you’d get away with it?”

What it is could be something as simple as being late for a play session, or as serious as not swallowing my lovers cum when they spooge in his mouth! I expect answers to my questions, and if I’m not getting them, or they aren’t up to my standards, I focus on sore spots on their bottom as I spank, until I hear what I want!


Let’s Start Your Spanking


You know that whole, :this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you?” Bull! It’s definitely going to hurt you more, but while I’m spanking you, I’ll let you know just why I’m displeased. AS my hand/hairbrush/paddle is smacking that ass over and over again, I’ll say things like, “I will not accept this behavior pet.”

And then point out how I would really rather be playing with them, that this whole scene is a reaction to their behavior. Oh yeah, and I’ll add, “you are being punished for jerking off and cumming without permission, spanked on your bare bottom and there is nothing you can do about it.”


Another Reason Lectures Work During A Punishment Spanking


A spanking can actually be quite humiliating. Ass up over a strong, powerful woman’s lap, being spanked on your bare bottom, being called pet (or boi, or slut maybe) is embarrassing, is it not? Add in some additional sexual humiliation, like the fact that they’re getting hard, or leaking pre-cum on my stockings, and it’s not just their butt cheeks turning red!

Oh, there’s one more reason why lectures deserve a place in a punishment spanking….it gets me aroused! Like I said, it doesn’t hurt me at a


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