Implements for Spanking


There are many implements to be used for erotic spanking. Erotic Spanking is a fetish much loved by Dominatrixes and submissives alike and not always for what you would presume. Spanking brings to mind the idea of punishments, which of course it can be used for, but there is also the erotic spanking, spankophilia, fetish.

For these fetishists it is a turn on to be spanked, either for real or imagined wrong doings or maybe just because it is part of the D/s relationship they love. Relationships in domination are often highly exciting simply based on their control and spanking is one of the ultimate ways to be in control.

However what you are using to spank or what you are being spanked with can make all the difference in excitement or basic enjoyment of the moment. For many who spank or who are being spanked part of the turn on is the implement used. Each carries it’s own special mental and emotional connotations, not the same for everyone of course, but over all we all respond viscerally to certain things.

So whether you have a specific type of spanking implement that excites or you like to try out many different ones, each is unique. I’m going to touch on a few of the very well known ones, however I should tell you that there are so many things to spank or be spanked with that are simple household tools, you could come up with a myriad of them with just a little imagination.


Intimacy of a Bare Hand


First there is the naked hand. The most intimate spanking implement there is, is also the most readily available, though not always the most practical. If you are giving a submissive a few swats to remind them of their place, the hand is always the way to go.

They feel your skin on theirs and you can make the decision in a moment, without preamble or seeking out a tool. However, if you are doing a lengthy session that involves a few more whacks, it can cause discomfort for the spanker, which in most cases defeats the purpose.

However, sensual erotic spanking is something done most often with a naked hand. The sensual caress and rub, along with a quick slap on the bare skin can be very exciting. It also holds much power for the one doing the spanking as it is so direct and intimate.

Your flesh on flesh reaction is really incomparable to anything else, though as I said, for a lengthy session the intimacy of the hand is often foregone for the comfort of something else, like a paddle.


Implements for Spanking: Paddles and Belts


Paddles can be made of a variety of substances. Most often wood or leather, a solid paddle is meant to be used with one hand. There are longer ones that you would use 2 for, however they are less common. Instead a paddle is meant to be a lengthy and harder extension of ones own arm and hand. Using a paddle is a very common implement of erotic spankings. Spanking machines use a variety of paddles and every good Dom has their own paddle to use.

They are sometimes made with holes for a faster swing and to leave a pattern on the ass, or with raised letters in them, spanking the submissive and raising the word “bitch” or “slut” across their ass. For many this is a badge of honor.

Paddles appeal to the sense of being caught and not getting away with something. The red blush on the ass cheeks from being spanked or the slight pain sitting down is a reminder of the session even after it has ended. This appeals to many submissives and often these same reasons make a belt , hairbrush, or wooden spoon exciting.


Sting of A Whip


For more of a sting there is the whip. Whips can also include birches, switches, riding crops, rulers and canes. These spanking implements are all considered a bit more extreme, but are used often as the image of domination frequently includes a woman in leather holding a whip.

Often spanking aficionados with a love of pain choose the riding crop or whip, as it normally leaves marks on the skin and in a way brands the submissive. However, those new to the fetish frequently start here as well, though they often move on to paddles or open hand, finding that the possibilities of more severe pain do not appeal to them.

While there are a variety of implements for erotic spanking, most do fall into one of these categories and really the choice is as varied as people. Everyone discovers what works best for them, most excites them or just tweaks that animal part that makes them want to submit.

Always feel free to use your imagination or ask your FemDom Mistress to use hers (though that might be dangerous for you) to find other ways and things to use as implements for spanking in your sessions.