I Love Being Spanked


I love being spanked! I’m an adult male, fairly successful, keep myself in shape. I think I dress pretty well and some might even call me handsome. I don’t lack for female company when I want it and was married once, but it just didn’t work out. Not because of a sexual problem, just because things change and people change. Though the fact that I never felt I could tell her about my fetish may have played a part.

I don’t think so, but hey, honesty is always important and I was never totally honest with her about what I really needed to get completely turned on. I have a spanking fetish. No, I didn’t want to spank her, I would have loved for her to spank me though.

Damn, just typing it gets me hard. The excitement of the taboo and the feeling of being punished in an erotic way, drives me crazy. My mistress knows what I need and I have been seeing her for years, even before I got divorced, so yeah, maybe it did have something to do with my fetish.


I Love Being Spanked! One Time in College…


I have loved to be spanked ever since college. I was a freshman, just arrived and she was a sexy sophomore. Believe me that seemed older and far more wise at the time and far more experienced. Oh, I’d had sex before! I was no virgin, but I hadn’t tried anything more than the basics. The small town I came from, getting all the way with a girl was the goal and I never thought much past it.

But college was different and this girl, she was very different. The first night we were together, she took her hand and slapped my ass (HARD!) while I was fucking her. That made me cum instantly! I didn’t expect it and damn it stung, but it also awoke something inside me, a need I didn’t know I had.


From Hand to Hairbrush


We moved on from there to her hairbrush. She didn’t ask, we didn’t talk about it, but she could tell how turned on that one slap got me and when she said she should spank me for being naughty and cumming so fast, I nearly came again. She knew what she was doing from the start and I loved every moment of it. We did lots of sensual spanking, she’d stroke me and then use her other hand to spank my ass while still stroking.

Until the day of the hairbrush, when I arrived at her dorm room late. She’d been waiting a whole fifteen minutes for me and she wasn’t happy. I apologized and thought all was forgiven when she told me to take off my pants. I didn’t notice, until I was naked, that she still had her clothes on. (Hey, it was college, getting naked in front of a woman took all my attention). She told me to come over to her and lay on the bed next to her.

I did and then felt the stick of the wooden hairbrush across my ass cheeks. Needless to say, I jumped and moaned and had a good hard orgasm, which made her laugh. Not the last time a girl laughed after I cam, but certainly the first.


Erotic Spanking Vs. Ass Beating


My love of being spanked just got stronger from there. She switched schools and I finished up, not sure how to go about getting another girl to spank me. I learned fairly quickly that asking straight out was a great way to chase girls away but rarely got me spanked. And those I could talk into it, were usually worried about hurting me or wanted to ask lots of questions that ruined the mood.

So, I decided to try hitting a dungeon. You know, hot women in leather with whips and paddles. That sounded perfect to me, before I went. Once there though, I found that spanking wasn’t such a turn on if a strict Mistress was calling me names and leaving what felt like actual bruises on my ass.

I’ve since become much more discerning and learned that I need a sensual Mistress who will spank me, but not a hardcore Dominatrix who will beat me. There is a huge difference after all and I have to say that sensual is totally what turns me on. Erotic spankings, with a sexy woman putting me over her knee and spanking me with her bare hand (my personal favorite) or a hairbrush or even a leather covered paddle, gets me so hot I can barely think.

It’s the taboo feeling of doing something outside the norm, something that will get me punished, while being punished for it. Hence no guilt! Maybe I should have told my ex, given her a chance. But “Hey baby, I really want you to spank me.” just comes off wrong somehow when it slips between the lips of a tall businessman. So, I stick with the amazing Mistress I have. She understands what I need, what spanking implements I am ready for, and I never leaver unsatisfied.