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How Can a Spanking Be a Turn On?

Bad memories, huh? Like when you called your third-grade teacher an ugly cow and your dad ordered you to drop your pants and swatted you with a belt when he found out. Or the time you talked back to your mom on a bus and she spanked you on your ass; embarrassing you in front of dozens of chuckling grown ups.

Guys like you usually have memories of spankings that are painful, awkward and embarrassing. For someone who’s felt the wrath of a splintery paddle on the back of an ass crack, spanking for pleasure may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But it should be, because spankings are pleasurable. It’s time to turn you on with a little spanky-spanky. And here’s how:

Talk To the Hand

The hand is the basic tool for a pleasurable swat. In you want to start it easy direct your lady to gently spank your ass while you are on top fucking her. That tantalizing sting on your buns feels great, particularly if she times it right and spanks your ass just as you shoot cum into her pussy. Have her spank you multiple times, in a rapid sting of swats, or spanks that are stronger and harder. Modulate the intensity of the swats by shaping her hand. Cupped-hand spankings are lighter. Flat-handed spanks deliver a powerful sting.

When you are comfortably aroused enough by the conventional style of hand spanking, it’s time to added sexual zest to those swats. One way to escalate the sexual turn-on is to have your girl spank your balls. Bend over, spread legged and stroke your cock. Have her begin to slowly swat you as you masturbate. The amount of her spankings increase as your cock gets harder. Her swats sting your ass and ball sac all at the same time, building until she rips into a flurry of hand swats as you cum!

Paddles Are Divine

Once you’ve enjoyed some hand spanking pleasure on that bruised butt of yours, it’s time to play with some paddles. The cool thing about paddles is the selection of materials and styles they cum in; wood, leather, padded, and studded, there are spank paddles for every taste and pleasure possible.

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For your first paddle, it might be best to start with a solid one, unless extra pain and sting are already part of your turn-on regimen. Drop your pants and bend over a chair. Have your lady raise the paddle about eight inches above your ass then—SWAT! Her spanks cup the bottom of your cheeks, stinging you, sending chills down your spine and blood to your cock. Have her tease you along the line of your ass by lightly tapping the paddle against your flesh. If she does it right, you’ ll soon want more. You’ ll beg her to smack the shit out of your butt cheeks.

Since your girl enjoys spanking your ass and your ball sac so much, she’ ll probably love getting her pussy spanked too. It’ s her turn to bend over that chair and spread her legs. Put some lubricant along the edge of the paddle and slide it up and down her pussy to get her juicy. Then spank her pussy lips with the paddle. Slide the paddle up and down her slit, getting her wetter and wetter until she’ s ready to cum, then fuck her with the paddle handle. She’ ll be so turned on, she’ ll be spreading her pussy lips for more!

Spanking and Discipline

Clearly the fetish world of spanking accommodates every taste, style and persuasion, and turns on many. And for some, spanking is the perfect icing on their b/d . s/m cake.

Spanking and submission can go hand in hand, so if you are turned on by spanking and looking for something different, or you are already adventuring into into s/m, b/d and looking to explore more, submitting to a whipping, flogging, or swatting dom may be exactly what you need. If you like to be reminded that you are a pathetic little cock and have been bad enough to be punished, there is a long, lean, spanking machine waiting to pain you.

Your Femdom Mistress will strap you to a spanking bench all the while reminding you why you are there; to please her. And what pleases her is to see you spanked, to hear the stinging of her whip cracking on your flesh. She’ll flog your ass till it’s bright red and raised. She’ll pinch your balls with the spank of her paddle. Your legs will shake, your cock will grow and all hell will break loose on your butt when you cum, because you know you will, you can’t help it.

Any spanking, by hand, paddle, or belt can be a turn on. If only you’ll let it.

Spanking Mistresses Currently Available