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There seems to be an energetic connection between the sound (and better yet, sight) of an implement striking your ass flesh, and My clit. When you call to spank yourself for Me, under My direction and at My behest, you are providing Me with real, sexual pleasure. Even if the purpose of the spanking is corrective.

Maybe even especially then.

Add in your yelps, moans, and even your tears, and seeing you deliver yourself a good tanning sometimes makes Me touch Myself. At the very least, it makes Me wet.

Just as there are many ways to fuck, there are many ways and reasons to spank. I like them all.

I like to have you spank yourself bare bottomed as I describe how I would put you over My knee, your vulnerable cock dangling between My thighs and grazing against My stockings.

I like to have you deliver a single, stinging blow, and then rub your flesh to soothe it just in time for more.

I love your ass oiled or wet, which seems to deliver more punch to the paddling.

I love to think of you restrained, on your elbows and knees or over a sturdy piece of furniture, cock and balls vulnerable to My sadistic whim right along with your rump.

I love to think of you stuffed with a large ass plug, and the way the flogging you give yourself for Me makes your rectum contract involuntarily around it.

I may have you bring more than one implement to O/ur session so that I can decide which implement's blows and marks I like best.

Your hand, though I wish it could be mine, leaves an imprint in its shape. Very personal, and perhaps for some of you, nostalgic. Much like the hairbrush, the wooden spoon, or the rubber spatula.

I like to use a nice thick leather belt, doubled, when you've been very, very bad. The sound of it is delicious and severe.

I love the look and the slap of different paddles, the way their wide surface leaves large areas of pink and red, and quickly.

Does it make one set of cheeks redden and grow hot when you think of warming and reddening another pair, for My sake? Does it make you squirm and your cock harden as you think of squirming and begging for mercy under My hand?

Whether spanking makes you cum, makes you cry, or both, if you've made it to this domain, you are in need of one.

I suggest you call soon, so that W/e can become acquainted both verbally, and corporally.



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Do You Need  a Femdom Spanking?

by Mistress Daphne of


Have you been a naughty boy or girl? Or does the words “spanking” and “paddling” turn you on?


Two Kinds of Femdom Spankings


Punitive: If you have done something wrong, broken a rule, or made your Mistress upset and she paddled you, that would constitute a punitive spanking.
Sensual: Others, however, do not want a punishing spanking, but rather something sensuous and delightfully sensory rich from the Mistress.
Here, I will cover each of those.


Why Might A Mistress Need to Spank You?


No one can be perfect all the time, not even you. When you are naughty, you need to be spanked for that, don’t you? I know you do!
Before we get to the actual spanking part, what kinds of things might you get a punitive paddling for?
  • Looking at a woman
  • Looking a woman in the eyes
  • Thinking sexual thoughts about women
  • Masturbating without permission
  • Rolling your eyes at your Mistress
  • Copping attitude towards your Mistress
  • When you do the same behavior you are not allowed to do twice and you have already been punished in another way… stood in the corner, for example
  • “Borrowing” items from your Mistress without permission (panties, makeup, bras, skirts, etc.)
  • Disrespecting her to others

All of these and more are reasons your Femdom Mistress might spank your behind for punishment.


What is a Punishing Spanking Like?


A punitive spanking might start with the Mistress’ hand, but often moves quickly to using an implement. A hairbrush, a wooden spoon, a paddle, a ruler, or some other item that can leave your bottom red and sore.

She will ask you to repeat your infraction and then apologize for being a bad boy or girl as each thwack goes onto your (sometimes bare) bottom. She might have you count the times the paddle hits your bottom, oftentimes, thanking her for giving you each paddle.

Each Femdom Mistress has her own style, so it will be important to learn your Mistress’ desires for your misbehavior’s correction.


Why Might You Want a Spanking from a Mistress?


Ah, there are those of you who love to be spanked. Those who do not need to be a bad boy or girl or to do something wrong on purpose in order to be paddled. For you all, you might want (and need!) an erotic spanking instead.

Perhaps you have memories of being paddled in school and when the teacher’s “Board of Education” slapped against your jeans, your dick got hard and CLICK, forevermore, the thought of having a paddling turned you on.

So now that you are a grown-up, your desire for paddling has never diminished. You crave them more than you ever did in high school. And now, you can have that delicious spanking and masturbate at the same time. How great is that?


Femdom Erotic Spanking


An erotic spanking often begins with the Mistress’ hand, gently caressing your bare bottom and does not usually move to using an implement until it is good and warmed up. She might tap, tap, tap on your butt gently before starting to lay her smacking hand harder on your skin.
She might rub your bottom between whacks, too. These caresses are all a part of the sensual aspects of the spanking. Sure, you will end up with a red and stinging back end, but your dick will be the happier for it.


How to Ask for the Femdom Spanking You Want


One of the best ways to work with a Mistress who will be paddling you is to tell her how you got into being spanked. What was it that started the sensory experience of having someone’s hand or wooden spoon on your butt?
These pieces of information can help her create, or re-create, the spanking you desire so you are completely fulfilled after you have been sufficiently spanked.


When You’re Ready!


You can have the type of spanking or paddling from your Mistress, just be clear about your needs and make sure you two are a good fit. After that, bend over and take it like a boy!


Give one of our Femdom Spanking Mistresses a call, today!