10 Facts about Spanking


Erotic Spanking or spankophilia is often misunderstood but here are 10 facts about spanking you may or may not know. Many equate spanking with something bad, punishment and the need to act in a way that a spanking does not occur. Though for someone with a spanking fetish, this is just the opposite.

Spanking fetishists are turned on by the act of being spanked or of spanking someone else. This isn’t’ just for those who feel they need to be spanked, but for those who love to do the spanking, like a Femdom Mistress. However, either way there are some things that not everyone understands about erotic spankings. These are ten facts that just don’t change.


1. 10 Facts About Spanking: It’s consensual.

Erotic spanking isn’t a punishment in the sense of being coerced into a position that you don’t want to be in. Or having consequences you do not want from your actions. It is instead something that both parties discuss and decide to do, with guidelines, specific boundaries and a desire to share an erotically sensual moment.


2. It does hurt.

Though called erotic, it is a Dominatrix/submissive relationship, where the submissive partner chooses to be spanked. It’s often done with the hand but can involve a paddle or even a hair brush and frequent reddening of the skin or even a bit of bruising is not only possible but probable. However if you’ve ever hear the term “hurts so good”, this would be one of those times.


3. Spanking is effective.

Just like when it’s used as a straight up punishment, spanking is very effective. Being spanked isn’t something you forget. Be it because of the sting of the paddle or the humiliation of dropping their pants and bending over for the spanking it isn’t a moment that will be forgotten and therefore the spanking is very effective.


4. It’s a turn on for the one being spanked.

Possibly the most misunderstood aspect of spankophilia is that this is truly a turn on for the person being spanked. It’s not something that they are being forced into. Much like any other fetish the act of being spanked makes the spankee hard or wet and excited and leads to an explosive orgasm most of the time. They think of this and ache for it, getting excited at the thought of being spanked.


5. Spanking someone is a turn on.

It seems this fact is a bit easier for everyone to grasp. The joy of punishing someone is easy to understand if you like to be in control. Having a submissive partner in an erotic spanking session, present their ass to you, ready to be spanked is very exciting. Many times the one doing the spanking is as excited and ready for orgasm as the spankee and they cum together, moaning and spanking.



6. The Implement isn’t as important as the act.

While there are of course preferences, for those who love erotic spankings, they are more turned on by the act of being spanked, than they are by what they are spanked with. There are those who like bare hand over paddle or vice versa, but still its most often noted that being spanked is what the turn on is, not the spanking implement used.


7. Many different spanking positions.

Spanking is not just lying across someone’s lap, though in erotic spanking that is a very popular position. There is also laying on the bed, hands and knees, bending over a bar or arm of a sofa and any number of positions that expose the ass to the spanking implement. Everyone chooses what they prefer and it is as varied as the partners experimenting with them. What’s your favorite?


8. You must use a safe word.

As with all safe and sane BDSM play a safe word is essential in keeping this something everyone enjoys. While the D/s relationship is always a power exchange this is even more difficult to see in a spanking fetish and thus boundaries and safe words are required discussion points.


9. It is Corporal Punishment – kinda.

Corporal Punishment involves pain and beatings, bruising and redness. While erotic spanking isn’t considered to be punishment by the fetishist, it is essentially what it is. This is where the fetish is based and a Dominant partner must understand this and not take it too far.


10. Don’t knock it until you try it.

Still thinking people must be crazy for wanting to be spanked? Well like with any other fetish, we all like what we like, but don’t decide this isn’t for you until you’ve tried it. Think about your sexy Mistress in her corset and panties, wet and excited, spanking you. Might change your mind or at least make you think twice about it.

Did you enjoy these 10 facts about spanking? Give one our spanking fetish Mistresses a call, today!